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View product 3 639,00 лв.

Kawmet W15 Eco built-in wood combustion chamber with power 16.3 kW

View product 1 999,00 лв.

Built-in wood combustion chamber Nordflam Etna L 13 kW 130 m²

View product 2 746,00 лв.

Kawmet Premium Selena S14 Eco cast iron wood stove with power 6.5 kW

View product 1 592,00 лв.

Kawmet P3 cast iron wood stove 7.4 kW 74 м² 185 м³

View product 1 293,00 лв.

Kawmet P9 ECO wood stove with power 8 KW 80 m² 200 m³

View product 1 592,00 лв.

Kawmet P10 6,8 kW EKO cast iron wood stove 66 m² 170 m³

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